Aircraft Maintenance Assistant

As a Aircraft Maintenance Assistant at DCI, you will perform Base & Line Maintenance on our aircraft while under supervision of an AMT.


Age Requirements: 18-55
Language Requirements:
Operational Base: Curaçao
Work Permit:
Eligible to work in Curaçao

Licenses & Experience

License: None

Job Description

As an Aircraft Maintenance Assistant (AMA) you will work within a small team under supervision of a AMT.

You are responsible for ensuring the safe execution of Scheduled & Unscheduled Maintenance at one of our Base or Line Maintenance Locations.

All maintenance conducted on our Seaplanes must always in accordance with the approved policies & procedures for DCI. These policies & procedures are contained in the various maintenance manuals. which are based on manufacturer requirements, and the Curaçao Civil Aviation Regulations (CCAR's).

General Responsibilities

The general responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
Reporting fit for duty
Studying Work Orders
Studying approved Maintenance Data
Attending Team Briefings
Preparing Work Zones for Maintenance
Maintaining Work Zones clean during Maintenance
Only working with proper parts & materials
Only working with proper tools & equipment
Performing Maintenance, Inspections & Servicing
Supervising or Performing Aircraft Refueling
Addressing MEL/CDL Items
Preparing Aircraft for Service
Preparing Work Orders
Returning Parts & Materials Removed from Aircraft
Cleaning used Tools & Equipment
Returning Tools & Equipment Used
Using Articles & Substances as per SDS
Assisting during Arrivals & Departures
Maintaining Aircraft Clean (Interior & Exterior)
Maintaining Working Facilities Clean
Maintaining Equipment * Clean
Maintaining Communication with MCC
Liaising with Pilots on any Technical Issues
Complying with Company Policies & Procedures
Complying with Civil Aviation Regulations
Ensuring a Secure maintenance environment
Never placing other important matters before Safety

As an AMA you can also specialize in
specific tasks such as:
Sheet Metal Repairs
Composite Material Repair
Aircraft Painting
Aircraft Interior & Upholstery

During Line Maintenance at off-airport locations you may be assigned to one of our support vessels so as to access seaplanes while on water. The Vessel is part of maintenance equipment, and must undergo daily maintenance & cleaning.


As an AMA at DCI you will enjoy an attractive salary, and be able to maintain a good work & life balance.

You will work at both airport & off-airport locations (these include some of the most beautiful destinations in the world).

Working as an AM
A on Seaplanes gives a healthy dose of challenges, and makes each and every day unique, dynamic & exciting.

To apply for the position of AM
A please click here to submit your resume.

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