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Seaplane Pilot

As a Seaplane Pilot at DCI, you will act as the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) on one of our Amphibian Aircraft.

Our Amphibians are operated throughout the Caribbean & Latin America. Our destinations include UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and some of the best beaches & bays in the world.

Most our flights are operated from off-airport locations. This ensures that each flight is unique, dynamic & exciting. As our Seaplane Pilot it is your primary responsibility to ensure the safety in this dynamic environment.


Age Requirements: 21-55
Language Requirements:
Operational Base: Curaçao
Work Permit:
Eligible to work in Curaçao

Licenses, Ratings & Experience

Pilot License: ICAO CPL or ATPL
Class Rating:
Single Engine Sea (SES)
Instrument Rating:
Total Flight Time:
500+ Hours
Seaplane Time:
100+ Hours
Medical Certificate: Class 1
English Proficiency:
Level 5 or 6

Job Description

As a Seaplane Pilot-in-Command (PIC) you are responsible for the safe operation of our Seaplane during normal & non-normal operations.

Our Seaplanes must always be operated in accordance with the approved procedures for DCI, as contained in the various operational manuals. These operational manuals are based on the Cura
çao Civil Aviation Regulations (CCAR's), and thus in compliance with the ICAO Annexes.

General Responsibilities

The general responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
Reporting fit for duty
Obtaining required preflight information
Determining if the aircraft is safe for flight
Determining if the aircraft is properly loaded
Ensuring proper levels of fuel & oil
Ensuring passengers are safely boarded
Ensuring passengers are briefed on Safety Particulars
Safely operating the aircraft during all phases of flight
Ensuring passengers are safely disembarked
Ensuring baggage/cargo is properly off-loaded
Maintaining Communication with Air Traffic Control
Maintaining Communication with OCC
Liaising with Maintenance on any Technical Issues
Complying with Company Policies & Procedures
Complying with Civil Aviation Regulations
Ensuring a Secure in-flight environment
Ensuring passenger comfort
Never placing other important matters before Safety


As a seaplane pilot at DCI you will enjoy an attractive salary, and be able to maintain a good work & life balance.

You will experience flight in its purest form, and fly into some of the most beautiful regions in the world. This gives every flight a
healthy dose of challenges, and makes each and every flight unique, dynamic & exciting. This is why you became a pilot.

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