Flying with us | The Experience

The Experience


Making your booking can be conveniently done through this website. With a wide selection of additional services you can make each journey just right for you.


There is no further need for check-in as we have all required information already at booking.

We like to keep things simple!

Even if you are traveling with baggage no worry, we have come up with a new hassle-free solution!
(Official announcement with the introduction of our international flights)


The QR Code on your e-boarding pass & valid identification is all you need during boarding. Always make sure that your baggage is in compliance with the booked product.

Airport Boarding

When departing from the airport one of our team members will safely escort you to our Seaplane.

Dock Boarding

When departing from a dock one of our team members will safely escort you to our Seaplane.

Boat Boarding

At certain destinations boarding the Seaplane will be by means of a boat transfer. The Captain of the boat will be there to assist you during the ride. Enjoy your complementary cocktail while onboard.

Beach Boarding

When departing from one of our beach or bay locations the Seaplane can either be boarded directly from the beach, or we have a dinghy tender available for you. During boarding your Captain will be there to assist you.

Spanish Water Lagoon, Curacao

Before we fly

While boarding the Seaplane our Captain will welcome you aboard, and will provide you with important Safety Information.

It is important to know that seaplanes have slightly different safety considerations when compared to larger aircraft, so please give us your full attention :)

From takeoff to landing

Engine start, a brief cruise on the water, and the spectacular water takeoff. During our short flights we usually stay very low, this gives you a birds-eye view over the dramatic landscapes, and gorgeous beaches surrounded by pristine turquoise waters.

When approaching the destination the Captain will usually make a low pass over the intended landing zone, this low pass allows the Captain to determine that the water-conditions are right for landing, and that there are obstacles (This includes humans & animals).

After Landing

After landing we are always happy to make you a picture with the Seaplane.

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