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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

International Flights

In most cases, you can safely fly without health risks for you and your baby up-to 36 weeks into your pregnancy (34 weeks if you are expecting more than 1 baby).

We also recommend not to fly within the first week following delivery.

We advise you to always get medical clearance from your physician before you board the aircraft (this especially when you expect more than 1 baby, or if you have had complications during pregnancy in the past).

We also recommend letting our staff know you’re pregnant and what your expected due date is. This way, they can assist you better.

You can always contact one of the Aviation Medical Specialist at Porto Medico.
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Special provisions are available for pregnant travelers requiring travel for medical purposes beyond 36 weeks.

Aerial Scenic & Day-Tours

Due to the short nature of our Aerial Scenic Flights & Day-Tours there are usually no specific concerns during your pregnancy.

In some cases however some of our tours are not fully practical when you are pregnant. Please contact our Virtual Customer Service Center so that we can create an experience which will be right for you & your baby

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