Our Flight Academy | Flight Operations Officer

Flight Operations Officer

As a Flight Operations Officer (FOO) you will work at the Operations Control Center (OCC) of our Airline. The OCC is a dynamic work place you will ensure that all operations are scheduled, coordinated, planned, followed & supported.

As an FOO you are sometimes also called the "Captain on the Ground", this because you have the same knowledge as our pilots, and as such you support our flying team during every phase of the flight.

Theoretical Training

Your theoretical training is identical to that required for our Pilots. Our theoretical training is based on the European ATPL System, This gives you in-dept knowledge of aircraft systems, and the flight environment.

Your ground training is completed with a School Exam for which the minimum score is 80%. When passed you will receive your sign-off for the Theoretical Exam as conducted by the Cura
çao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA).

Our theoretical training is provided with Interactive ATPL Books which are based on the European (EASA) System.

The selection

To enroll to this program there is a selection process. This selection requires you to undergo a series of evaluations in order to determine if you have what it takes to take work at the OCC.

General Requirements

Minimum Age: 17
Medical: Generally Healthy
English: Fluent
Education: HAVO/VWO

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