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Modular Private Pilot

With your Private Pilot License (PPL), the world is literally at your feet. Your PPL allows you to pilot an aircraft to virtually any corner of the globe, and you can even carry your friends & family members as your passengers.

Your PPL can also be your first step towards a career as a commercial Pilot.

Ground Training

During ground training you will obtain the theoretical knowledge to become a safe aviator.

Our ground training is provided either in a
"Private" or "Classroom" setting.

Your ground training is completed with a School Exam for which the minimum score is 80%. When passed you will receive your sign-off for the Theoretical Exam as conducted by the Cura
çao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA).

Our ground training is provided with Interactive Books which are based on the European (EASA) System.

Flight Training

During flight training you will learn how to safely operate the aircraft during all phases of flight.

As per the the requirements of the Cura
çao Civil Aviation Regulations you will need a minimum of 55 flying hours to obtain your PPL.

During the training you will mainly fly over Aruba, Cura
çao & Bonaire. The training also includes a longer flight to a destination of your choice (For example COLOMBIA).

Practical Exam

Flight Training is completed with an oral & practical exam by the CCAA. Succesful completion earns you your Private Pilot Wings.

General Requirements

Minimum Age: 16
Medical: Class II
English: ICAO Level 4, 5 or 6

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